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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nest #9!!!!

The sun was just coming up when Connie, Peggy and Phyllis were alerted by NMB Sanitation that a crawl was up ahead.

Nice, well defined incoming tracks 

and outgoing tracks.

Great body pit!

Ghost crabs had already discovered the nest. Ghost crab tracks within the body pit and outgoing tracks.

Big ghost crab holes, but fortunately not around the eggs.

Linda probed, the eggs were well hidden, not where expected, but soon found.

Peggy, Phyllis and Jim carefully digging for the eggs.

HELLO!!!    What a great sight.  101 eggs.

This nest was just above the high tide, in the middle of a heavily used area of the beach by the Beach Patrol, Beach Services and the Sanitation Department so the nest was relocated back to the dunes. 

Thanks to Phyllis, Peggy and Connie for reporting and then helping work the nest.  Thanks to Steve for carefully relocating the eggs into the new hole.  Thanks to Elton from NMB Sanitation for reporting the crawl.  And thanks to all the Tuesday Volunteers who came to the site after walking their segments and helping out.

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