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Friday, March 11, 2011

North Myrtle Beach Elementary School

During the week of  March 6, 2011, several volunteers from the North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Patrol talked to the Second Graders in the North Myrtle Beach Elementary School about Sea Turtles, concentrating on the SC State Reptile, the Loggerhead.  The children had already taken a field trip to the Myrtle Beach State Park where they learned all about the Sea Turtles so they were very interested in our pictures and props and asked very good questions.  Two of our younger Patrol members, Rachael and Chelsea, both seniors in high school,  helped with the presentations.  A Big thank you to Coastal Carolina Univeristy for developing and promoting this Outreach Program.

Thank you Debbie, Judy, Nancy G., Ginny, Teressa, Nancy M., Chelsea, Rachael and Valerie for helping make this an enjoyable experience.  Thank you Karen and Lisa from Coastal Carolina University for developing this great Outreach Program and giving us the opportunity to talk about one of South Carolina's great natural treasures.

Rob and Linda have been very busy as well, giving talks about Sea Turtles and the 2010 Nesting season to various local Civic Clubs and organizations.

The 2011 Sea Turtle Nesting Season starts May 1!!


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