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Friday, October 15, 2010

Summary 2010 Nesting Season

Results of the 2010 Nesting Season for the North Myrtle Beach Sea Turtle Patrol:

11 Nests located and protected
8 Nests In Situ
3 Nests Relocated, laid below the high tide line

Total number of eggs: 1178
Hatched eggs : 1007*
Unhatched eggs: 161
Eggs taken for DNA: 10
*Two eggs lost in nest #7, 109 relocated, 107 empty shells found during inventory

Live Hatchlings found in Nest during Inventory: 7
Dead Hatchlings found in Nest during Inventory: 3

Mean Incubation: 53.6 Days

False Crawls: 14

First nest laid on May 22, emerged on July 21
Last Nest Laid on Aug. 11, emerged on Oct. 4

Hatch Success Rate: 84.8%

Beach success Rate: 44%

Thanks to all of our dedicated volunteers who walked the beaches of NMB and Briarcliffe Acres every morning from May 1st to Aug. 15. Thanks to all the volunteers who watched over the nests at night to make sure the hatchlings safely made it to the Ocean. And a big thanks to the South Carolina United Turtle Enthusiasts (S.C.U.T.E.) for supporting us. We are proud to be part of this great group of volunteers!

Thank you Rick for these wonderful pictures of two of the Nest #10 hatchlings rescued from the dunes and escorted to the Ocean!


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  1. A special thanks to all our Turtle tourists for stopping by to start their families here.

    and to the humans who helped keep watch while the babies .


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