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Monday, June 14, 2010

NEST #3!!!!

This morning started early. At 5:15, the NMB Sanitation Department called with a report of a crawl at 8th Ave. North. Anne Hughes came across the crawl shortly afterwards as she was starting to walk segment B.

This turtle came ashore at low tide, stopping to dig a deep hole halfway up the beach, continuing on to partially dig two more holes before she chose her final nesting spot, high up on the beach, just in front of the dunes. Appropriate that she picked a spot in front of this house on Flag Day.

Marla Branson from WMBF News came out with us this morning. She taped the probing, the discovery of the eggs and the taking of the one egg for the DNA study.

We also met a very excited, new graduate from kindergarten who was very interested in the nest. He saw the eggs and even held (after putting on gloves) the one egg taken for the DNA study. Marla also taped his holding the egg and his reaction to what we were doing.

This was the second nest that Jimmy from the NMB Sanitation Department reported to us. A big thanks to him and the job he is doing!
The public is very interested in what we are doing and constantly stop by, asking questions. We try to answer any and all that are asked and encourage anyone interested to watch and even help us.

Thanks to Anne, Rod, Kris, Brenda, Sherry and Donna for helping this morning. And a big thanks to Barbara who came over after walking on Waties Island to help. Her expertise is invaluable.
We had a second crawl as well. See below.

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  1. All it takes is holding one egg and the thrill of seeing tracks to become an instant protector...just ask Donna and her granddaughter.


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