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Sunday, May 9, 2010


Yesterday hit 90 degrees, but we had a wonderful, sometimes too strong, breeze that came off the ocean and right up Main Street. We had a lot of our NMB Sea Turtle Patrol members who signed up to help. And each one of them brought a special strength/talent that contributed to a very successful day. A thank you to Steve Huggins, Joe & Lisa Bennett, Barb Demusz, Sherry Kelley, Judy Thompson, Betty and John Sakers, Adina Norton and Rob Kayton. We signed up over 17 new members who committed to a segment and day, and we handed out cards to people who were interested, but wanted more information before committing. We told many people about the turtles off our shore, some people never knew the Loggerhead came ashore to nest on our beaches. We learned from others by listening to the stories they told us about the turtles they have seen this year off the piers. One man said he saw one that had to be the size of a Volkswagen,(had to have been a Leatherback as we use a VW to describe the size of a Leatherback.) Another told a story about someone hooking a turtle off the pier. Said it was so big the line just snapped. It was great to be out there watching the interest of the children. Adults and children alike amazed at the size of a Loggerhead's head. They had no idea!
Thanks to Gregg Barnhill from Parks and Recreation who also helped us out tremendously.

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