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Friday, May 31, 2024

loggerhead Sea Turtle Nest #3 in NMB

 The excited NMB STP Volunteers have found an Endangered Sea Turtle Crawl, upon investigation they see a wonderful body pit. The body pit itself is unusually long with thrown sand throughout most of the body pit (nest). 

The egg chamber is found, but this nest would be over washed by the high tides if left where it is. The beach is also a very busy beach with many lights, so it is determined to move to a safer part of the beach and will be protected. 

119 eggs were found in this nest

One egg will be used for DNA studies, this will help in the conservation and future of the endangered Sea Turtle species and help answer the many unknowns of the Sea Turtle species.  Information such as where She nested, how often she nested. Daughters and sisters are also able to be determined as they start their nesting cycles just to name a few.  

Great job NMB STP Volunteers who are walking in the early morning hours so this and other Endangered Sea Turtle Nest can be protected.

All Sea Turtles are endangered, they are federally, and state protected.  Special training, guidelines and permits are required to work with Nesting Sea Turtles, Hatchlings and Stranded Sea Turtles.

If you encounter a nesting Sea Turtle, Hatchling or a stranded Sea Turtle in NMB or Briarcliffe areas please call




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