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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Nala....first stranding 2019

Early Sunday morning call, last day of March 2019....NMB Dispatch,  "we have reports of a sea turtle buried in the sand."   Few minutes later, another call, this time from NMB Beach Patrol, " I have a sea turtle at the water line, tide is going out, taking turtle with it, appears to be alive."   Officer Stevens was asked to grab and hold the turtle for the Sea Turtle Patrol.  Sure enough, a good size juvenile Green Sea Turtle, covered in sand so looked like it had been buried.

This poor turtle was immediately driven down to the SC Sea Turtle Care Center.  Upon admission to the Center, the turtle weighed 16.9 pounds but body condition could not be evaluated until given a warm bath to remove dense, compacted sand from carapace.  After bath, the turtle weighed 13.4 pounds, losing 3.5 pounds of sand. 

Turtle was thin and lethargic but not in extremely poor condition. The turtle had a very heavy epibota load in addition to the sand. Her bloodwork was fairly good, but she was a little dehydrated so received fluids, vitamins and was started on antibiotics. Radiographs and CT images, some gas showing up in her GI tract. Prognosis appears to be stable

This turtle is named Nala, in keeping with the Lion Kings theme for the year.

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