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Friday, April 19, 2019


A 16 pound juvenile green sea turtle was found stranded on the tidal flats off Hogs Inlet at low tide yesterday morning, April 18. A 17 year old came across the turtle as she was exploring the wide beach at low tide. SC DNR was immediately called. Chole was advised to move the turtle out of the hot sun if possible and help would soon arrive. Chole was able to move the turtle to the shade of a tree which was laying on the sand and then she moved the turtle to a shallow tide pool. NMB Sea Turtle Patrol soon arrived and transported the little green to the SC Sea Turtle Care Center in Charleston. The turtle was covered in heavy compacted sand so given an immediate bath, removing 2 pounds of the sand before triage could begin. Turtle is stable, prognosis is guarded.........
Meet Aardvark......from the Lion King

A huge thanks to Chloe for helping this little guy. She told the volunteers that several people just walked right by the turtle. If the turtle had stayed out on the hot sand, in the hot sun, she would have become dehydrated very fast and probably would not survive.

Many thanks for Chloe and her family for helping this turtle.

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