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Sunday, October 1, 2023

Inventory results of protected Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nest #9

 This nesting mother laid 128 eggs, one was used for DNA studies, 127 were protected in this nest.  The nest incubated for 49 days before emergence.

NMB STP Volunteers are eagerly awaiting the start of inventory, many people have come to watch and have good questions. They leave with a new appreciation of the Endangered Sea Turtle species.

A recap of this nest is given to all that have come.

2 live hatchlings were found in this nest, all are able to look at a safe distance until inventory is completed in case more are found in the nest.  The Hatchlings will be released at the same time.

Lines are formed on both sides giving the Hatchlings plenty of space as they make their trek from the beach to the open Seas.

And they are on their way from the beach to the Ocean.

The shells are carefully counted, as this information will be collected and entered into a data base to help in the conservation to help the endangered Sea Turtle species. 

The inventory results.
75.6% hatch success rate of relocated eggs

127 relocated eggs
96 hatched shells 
30 unhatched or whole eggs
1 pipped egg, head sticking out.

All Sea Turtles are protected, they are Federally and State protected.  Special guidelines, training and permits are required to work with Nesting Sea Turtle Mothers, Nest, Hatchling and strandings.

If you encounter a Sea Turtle or Hatchling in NMB or Briarcliffe areas, please call the NMB STP Hotline.


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