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Monday, October 2, 2023

Inventory on protected Loggerhead nest #12

 Inventory starts on a nice summer evening, many NMB STP Volunteers have come to help as many people have come to see.  The Volunteers are Excited to see the results of this protected nest.  Many have spent the summer walking the beaches in order to find a Sea Turtle crawl or body pit, as they know how important these protected nests will be in the future survival of the Endangered Sea Turtle species.

There were 140 eggs found in this nest. one was used for DNA Studie's, 139 egg were relocated.

During inventory 3 live Hatchlings are found in the nest that had not been able to make it out of the egg chamber on their own. All are allowed to look at them until inventory is finished in case any others are found so all can be released together.

Eggs are carefully sorted and results are documented as this information will help in future of the Endangered Sea Turtle species.


85% Hatch rate

139 eggs
20 eggs were pipped or unhatched
2 dead hatchlings
3 live hatchlings

  All Sea Turtles are endangered, they are federally, and state protected.  Special guidelines, training and permits are required to work with all Sea Turtles, nest, Hatchlings and Stranded Sea Turtles.

If you encounter a Sea Turtle r Hatchling in NMB or Briarcliffe areas, please call the NMB STP Hotline.

NMB STP Hotlines

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