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Thursday, November 17, 2022


 While watching a big storm come in or the threat of a hurricane, I have often wondered how Sea life would be affected, one in particular, the endangered Sea Turtles.  

Unfortunately, because the storms typically hit our beaches during the nesting season, the storms often over wash the incubating nest, or the severe erosion will take the nest out to Sea. While This is nature and one that adds to the loss of this already struggling endangered sea turtle species, special groups and patrols all over the world do what they can to help in other ways to protect the Sea Turtles and the nest.  In NMB with special training and permits, the Patrol will put cages over the nest to protect the nest from animals, they will also relocate the nest if it is in an unsafe part of the beach or too close to the water in hopes to help make the difference.

But what do the Sea Turtles do during the storms, they have a couple of ways that they have adapted to help survive during these times. 

 Some of the Sea Turtles dive deep down under the turbulent waters into the calm waters and try to wait out the severe parts of the storms. Sea Turtle do need to breath and need to come up for air very often, they can hold their breath for 2 to 3 hours at a time before needing to surface for more air if they are not active.

Sometimes they will leave the area, aligning themselves with the currents of the Sea. The Sea Turtles are often able to know ahead of time when the bad storms and hurricanes are coming because they are often swim in the area between the surface and turbulent waters coming. 


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